Darryl Huffman
Full Stack Designer/Developer
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Greetings!  I am Darryl Huffman.
I am a self-taught web designer and developer, from Hagerstown, MD.
(Self-taught, although I am now attending college classes in Web design and development.)

My goal is to continue growing in the role of a Full-Stack Web Developer -- Development, Designing, I love to do both.  I strive to continue learning new technologies so that I can make better and more creative web applications that are clean, efficient, and modular.

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Everyone has their own perspective. I set out understand the perspective of all my clients, for just because something looks good from my point of view doesn't mean it looks the same to others.



Projects and websites I have worked on over the years.

Online Store

I built this store front website for a good friend for his pieces of art. All of his products range from t-shirts, posters, and toys.

Artist Website

I needed to create a homepage that matched their Wordpress theme, but I was not allowed to use Wordpress on the homepage.

Online Store

This website was for a company called Exceptional Oils and their new brand, all while working with their design team.

My Top Pens on CodePen

Gravity Chimp

Star Wars Opening Scroll (With Sound)

Let it snow, let it snow, code the snow.

Markee - Better Google Maps Markers


Hagerstown Community College

Associate's degree, Web Design & Development

2014 - 2016 (Expected)

I am pursuing a degree in Web Design and Development. Although I already have a vast amount knowledge in this field, I wish to get the degree under my belt.

Sean Maher WEB Professor at Hagerstown Community College
Mr. Huffman is one of my first-year students completed a degree in Web Design and Development. He is currently enrolled in Web Design II and has skills far beyond the class. He is adept at HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and effortlessly integrates them in projects and classwork. I have also been privy to some of his work outside of school and I’m incredibly impressed with his understanding of coding and programming, but also his eye for design. Mr. Huffman is a model student with very few absences and an exemplary record of turning in assignments on time and over-delivering on the quality of his work. When I’m in situations where I’m dealing with new code I’m not entirely sure about, I feel comfortable asking Mr. Huffman to check my work. He is inquisitive, curious and creative; I’ve seen his ‘just-for-fun’ coding projects on codepen.io and I’m incredibly impressed with the ingenuity of his ideas and the implementation of his code. I would highly recommend Mr. Huffman for any career involving web development. I believe he will prove to be a valuable asset to any coding team.
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InvestorPlace Media

Junior Web Developer | April 2015 - Present

- Create and assemble e-commerce offers and online campaigns.
- Coordinate and facilitate edits to copy, graphics and/or offer structure.
- Monitor and maintain e-commerce tool and data integrity.
- Manage new publication e-commerce launches and set-up.
- Troubleshoot and investigate issues from inception to completion.
- Locate and coordinate opportunities for process improvement and efficiency.
- Function as a contact for our e-commerce vendor regarding enhancement projects.

Bid With Us

Lead Web Developer | September 2014 - January 2015

Used PHP and MySQL to work with the database to display information accordingly to every auction, created email templates that were to be sent out to thousands of users on many different screen resolutions, and worked with Craigslist's API to automate ad campaign postings.

Worked for a great boss and friend. Job description eventually changed and had to leave on good terms.

Hagerstown Community College

Web, Graphic Design and IST tutor | September 2014 - January 2015

All while in my first semester at Hagerstown Community College - I taught students how to use the latest Web technologies like HTML5, PHP, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, MySQL and many others. Working with students to get their database calls, functions, and many other PHP and MySQL related things working properly. Also tutors the Adobe Suite and Microsoft programs like Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.


Crew Member | January 2013 - February 2014

Serving customers at a fast pace, ensuring customer satisfaction, taking stock week by week and ensuring product was delivered.

"I made subs, but sadly not the ones that go underwater."